Tuesday 23 April 2024

Current Mani 23rd April 2024

Hi Friends 

Today I have my current manicure to share, I did a small order with Rainbow Connection a nail polish retailer in the UK.  I cannot resist Fancy Gloss thermals, the colours are always interesting and the formula top notch.  I ordered the following 

Left to right Arabian Tales, Coral Daisy, Pistachio and Strawberry Ice Cream and Dutch Iris.

I decided on Coral Daisy as the first manicure, this has a great formula, I did two coats for my base, I then stamped with Zoya Dita the flowers on my index and little fingers and then I used Virago Varnish Cannon Ball on the rest, plate was Moyra 107 Botanical.  I wasnt super careful painting the polish as I knew I was going to be stamping so clean up could wait.

I love the peachy vibe to the coral in the cold state and the yellow is almost neon, so fun.


  1. Oh, this is really cool!! (or hot :P) The base thermal colour makes me think of ice-cream! I love the stamping, too! :)

    1. Yes very cool icecream, the Strawberry and Pistachio one should be good to :)

    2. Haha, I didn't even twig that there was another colour with an actual ice-cream name! (I did read it, I just didn't think about that when I made my comment). :)