Thursday, 21 October 2021

Thermal Halloween Nails

 Hey Friends

I hope you arnt getting bored of the halloween nails yet, I have a few more manis to share.

I used Black Heart by Fancy Gloss again as the base, two coats.

I then used Revlon Stiletto, Sally Hansen White On, Zoya Lisa and Color Club Beyond., plates were B Loves Plates Cosmic Space and Dixie Plates Halloween 2020.

These are going to be weekend nails I think, so there wont be a post tomorrow.


Wednesday, 20 October 2021

A fail and a win, using Zoyas.

 Hey Friends

Today on the blog I share a fail and a win.

The fail is the first set of pics, nothing was wrong with the polishes it was just me being a clutz and dinging them jst as they dried. 

Base was two coats of Zoya Mara a gorgeous nude that had a great formula, no running or pooling. This is almost my perfect mannequin hand colour, I then added a coat of Zoya Lottie on my middle fingers, Fancy Gloss Fire Opal on my index finger and Starrily Unicorn on my little fingers, then it all went wrong as the polish wasnt dry and chaos! dented polish agh.

I had better luck with the next manicure, thankfully!

Base is one sweet coat of Zoya Val, perfect formula, no running or pooling, I then stamped a blood moon using Zoya Soko and Mila, the wolf used Virago Varnish Bountiful Beige and Revlon Stiletto, the stars are Virago Varnish Mano Madness, plates were B Loves Plates N13 Cosmic Space and Born Pretty BP-16.

Last pic is me tempting fate lol, this is the longest my nails have been in quite a while, so I decided to take a pic because as sure as the sun rises I'm gonna break one soon.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

More Halloween Nails

 Hey Friends

Today I have more Halloween Nails, these are a very subtle with their stamping set.

I used two more of my September Polish Pickup order, I did three coats each of Simply Ment to Be by MTK Design and Party at the Castle by Paint It Pretty Polish.

Simply Ment to Be is a very unusual polish, cold this is a dusty purple, hot its a bright orange, this is jam packed with flakies, its a sheer formula so did need the three coats but good formula, no running or pooling, I adore the dusty purple tone on this.

Party at the Castle is also stunning and unusual, a deep teal/blue base with a massive purple shimmer, the duochrome for this is gorgeous, my photos do not do this any justice, in person it changed every time I moved my nails, great formula, no running or pooling just a bit sheer, I think I could have gotten away with two coats.

I then stamping spider webs on all nails using Color Club Cosmic Fate and Eternal Beauty, the witch on my right hand is Zoya Bentley, the stamping didnt show up as well as I thought it would.  Over all I really enjoyed both polishes as they were both new brands to me via Polish Pickup.  Stamping plate was the same as yesterday, Dixie Plates Halloween 2017.

Monday, 18 October 2021

Halloween Nails

Hey Friends

Today I share some more Halloween themed nails.

I started with 2 coats each of Gothic Summer on my left hand which is a dark purple cold to bright orange hot thermal from Fancy Gloss. On my right hand I went with Toucan 2.0 also Fancy Gloss which is a tri-thermal that starts a deep brown cold to an orange warm and then yellow hot and its jam packed with flakies.

I then stamped spider webs using Color Club Cosmic Fate, then the rest was stamped using Revlon Stiletto, the plates I used were Dixie Plates Halloween 2017, Uberchic Beauty Halloween 07, Dixie Plates Halloween 2020 and Powder Perfect Halloween 1.

I do rather like hidden stamping.

On Saturday we went for a walk along parts of the High Peak Trail and Tissington Trails. The cows were not that interested in us and the sheep ran away. The strange hut things were for glamping.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Autumn and Plaid Nails and my September Polish Pickup Haul

 Hey Friends

Today I did some autumnal nails :) which I wasnt happy with so I changed them to plaid, which is why its taken so long to publish this post! 

Here in the UK its getting darker and colder by the day so I thought I'd do some autumnal nails before diving into Halloween nails.

I started with a base of Zoya Tasha and Lemming Lacquer The Worst Witch, both good formula, no running or pooling and opaque in two coats. The Lemming Lacquer is from Polish Pickup September, last pic shows my haul, I'm feeling plaid nails for tomoro :) 

I then stamped using Zoya Cooper on my left hand and Mel on my right hand, the pumpkins were stamped with Virago Varnish Pumpkin Everything. The colours I picked didnt quite owrk out so I changed my mani this afternoon.

The plates I used were Dixie Plates Halloween 2017 for the pumpkins and Uberchic Beauty Lovely leaves 2 for the leaves and words.

The plaid nails are a base of MJ Lacquers Pink A Boo, left hand and Fancy Gloss Spook-tacular also thermal.

The MJ is a deeper brown toned red when cold to a bright coral leaning pink when hot, jam packed with flakies. The Fancy Gloss is a very intriguing polish, its blue toned purple when cold, pink leaning purple when warm and clear when hot, it also has metallic flakies. Both good formula if a tiny bit sheer so I did three coats each. I then grabbed the Uber Chic Beauty Pretty in Plaid 3 plate and used Zoya Vivi and Zoya Mila over the MJ thermal and then Zoya Brie and Sally Hansen White On over the Fancy Gloss.