Wednesday 4 December 2019

Fluid Nail Art

Today on the blog I have some fluid nail art to share with you.

Now if you know me you know I am completely kak handed! If there's a way to mess something up I'm your girl, Saturdays example was I walked into a post in the supermarket, got the bruise to prove it to! Bonus pic at the end! 

Anyway, fluid nail art, Alex over at Nail Artisan Cosmetics actually designed a fluid nail art plate, I also used the following

Left to Right
Sally Hansen Racey Rouge
Virago Varnish No More S'mores
Fancy Gloss Prototype 3
Sally Hansen Mint Sprint and Sonic Bloom
Nail Artisan Cosmetics Fluid Art plate.
Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling Stamper (not shown)
Barry M Cosmetics Plumpy Topcoat (not shown)

I started with a base of the Fancy Gloss, one sweet coat of this very reactive thermal, then I stamped using the other colours going from darkest to lightest except for the mint which I stamped last on my fingers but first on my thumbs as I used a bigger image.

I've worn these since Saturday and am only now about to take them off on Wednesday 4th December.

Zoya Twinkling collection picks


I know its been quite a while, I was waiting on my Zoya order coming in with my picks from the Twinkling collection.

So thje ones I picked are

Left to Right

I will be doing comparisons on these but I#m going to do them when I wear them.