Monday 21 November 2022

Monday Manicure

Hey Friends 

Well I figured I better post something while I still wait on the UK getting a hold of the Zoya collections that have been released since September. I've messaged both stockists and they say they are having supply issues.  I do hope this doesnt mean I'm about to lose the ability to buy Zoya as I do collect them.

Anywho on to the nail art manicure for today.

Items used are as follows

Zoya Anchor 1 Coat, Zoya Dove 2 coats as the base, stamped with Zoya Tommy, the sparkles are Zoya Eclipse, the green is Zoya Evvie the black is Barry M Black Forest, the stamping plate is Noel Collection 16 from Moyou London.

Base colour on its own then the finished manicure, I'm quite pleased with how these turned out but I think I should have used a slightly more opaque green.