Sunday 29 January 2023

Sunday Manicure

Hey Friends 

Long time no post because......

Sadly its looking like Zoya are no longer shipping to the UK, I've emailed them, direct messaged them on Instagram and posted to their facebook page and I've had no response at all.

I'm gutted, the last collection I was able to get was the Pink Palette.  I have an account on but I went to try and add a UK address and it wasnt possible. As a collector its really sad to see the collections being launched and swatched but to not be able to purchase them is very depressing. I'm almost pondering unfollowing them on all my socials as theres no point in seeing all the pretty things I cannot have.

The only other brand I purchase are Fancy Gloss and I can purchase those via Rainbow Connection here in the UK.

Todays manicure is a thermal Egyptian theme. My base is two coats of Cat Tail Nails Bloodied and Bruised a quad-thermal that goes from cold a deep plum, warm a red, warmer a blue and hot to a pale almost white pink.  I then stamped using Zoya Maddy and Virago Varnish Boysenberry Jam using Powder Perfect plate Egypt 1.

The cats are doing great, Obi had a vet visit a few weeks ago and got a clean bill of health.