Saturday 3 October 2020

Zoya Splash Comparisons - Bottle and Swatch Stick


Its the weekend!

Today I'm sharing my comparisons of the Zoya Splash collection, its late I know but better late than never right! This is going to be a picture heavy post so hang tight for loading.

All photos taken in direct day light, the new polish will always be first left.

Left to Right is Corinna, Sally and Avril
No dupes, Sally has a brown undertone while Avril has a peachy undertone, Corinna has added sparkle.

Left to right is Emma, Clara and Sawyer.
No dupes, Emma is coral with a heavy orange undertone, Clara has a hint of brown undertone and Sawyer has a much more orange undertone. Clara is discontinued.

Left to right Leilani, Lara and Binx
No dupes, Lara is the same base colour but without the golden shimmer in Leilani and Binx is a totally different finish.

Left to right  Kristie, Kali and Ellie
No dupes but its going to hard to see in the photo. Kristie is a teeny bit more red undertone than Ellie and Kali has a bit more white, Kali is also discontinued.

Left to right Celi, Aphrodite and Journey
No dupes, Celi is is a red with gold shimmer, Journey is a red crelly with red shimmer and Aphrodite is a red jelly with red flakies.

Left to right Greta, Karen, America and Virginia
Dupes maybe, reds are so hard to tell apart! Virginia is the only one noticeably lighter in tone. 

Left to right Jessica, Landon and Evette
Its very close if not a dupe between Jessica and Landon, Evette is much lighter and with more pink undertone.

Left to right Eclipse, Dallas and Sparkle Gloss topcoat
No dupes, Eclipse has holographic sparkles, while Dallas has white micro glitter, my sparkle gloss topcoat looks very yellow, not sure why, it doesnt tint any polish I put it over.

Left to right Jodi, Jordan and Caresse
This is a bit difficult to see but no dupes, Jodi has a much bluer undertone than Jordan and Caresse has a peachy undertone.

Left to right Fisher, Lillian and Blu
No dupes Lillian is a brighter blue and a cream and Blu has a whiter undertone.

Left to right Marion, Sia and Walker
No dupes Marion is brighter than Sia and walker is a much brighter than both.

Last but not least is left to right Harbour, Wednesday and Talia
No dupes, there is nothing like Harbour in the Zoya colour family.

There you have it, I hope you found this post helpful in picking up some of these polishes to try, my standouts are Harbour, Fisher and Eclipse.


  1. Wow I am just drooling at your Zoyas! No such thing as dupes ;-) Well that is what I tell him anyway lol

    1. I also say there are no dupes, there are some that are very close :)