Monday 22 April 2024

A Zoya A Day - Candy

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my manicure of Candy who is a Polish Of the Month. I wanted to get this up as soon as possible in case anyone still wanted to grab this with the free shipping offer.

Available on the website - Yes (Only for April)
Brush used - Z Wide
Name - Candy
Year - 2024
Number - ZP1224
Does it stamp - Yes
Coats - 2
Finish - Cream
Collection - Polish Of the Month
Colour - Pink
Topcoat - No

Candy has a story - A white pink candy creme that goes beyond the typical pastel palette. ‘CANDY’ encapsulates the essence of sweetness and vibrance, offering a unique take on indulgence and playfulness with every application. Candy utilizes a hint of neon and traditional pastel pigment to achieve a dynamic pastel shade.

Candy has a good formula, no running or pooling, I did two coats for my manicure, this is a little thick but not hard to work with, Candy also stamps nicely. I have now switched out the cap to a black one.  I dont like the white caps. I also bumped my right thumb.  This is so vibrant and bright, I think I'm going to put it on my toes next.

The comparison is at the bottom.

Left to right Candy, Tobey and Sweet, no dupes, Candy is way brighter than Tobey and Sweet has that peachy salmon undertone to her. Tobey and Sweet are discontinued.

Left to right Candy, Zelli, Janie and Ali, no dupes, these are the other actual Zoya neons, which are all much deeper in tone, Zelli, Janie and Ali are all discontinued also.


  1. I actually really like this in your swatches! I wasn't sure as I don't love pinks with that strong white undertone, but this is really vibrant. It's also more neon than I expected—on the website it looks really creamy. But oh no, they discontinued Sweet!! :(

    1. Yes I was quite surprised at how neon Candy is, and gutted about Sweet too :(

    2. Yeah, and Zelli looks really neon-y bright here too! Why do they always discontinue colours?! :(((

    3. Well I knew Zelli was a Colour of the Month but I am surprised they discontinued Janie so quickly. Sweet had been around since 2007.

    4. Was Janie one of the dodgy formula Easy Neons (I may be wildly off—is that even the name of the collection?!), and they discontinued it because the formula wasn't great, maybe?? I suppose 2007 is a while ago, but did they consider that I, one person, liked her?!/joking

    5. Yes, Janie was from the not so Easy Neons collection, although I did let mine sit for a few days with their lids unscrewed to let some much needed air in.

    6. Ohhh, interesting idea! :)