Thursday 7 December 2023

Zoya Amaris Comparison

Hi Friends

I was asked a while ago about how Amaris would compare to Lennon and whether they were similar, as on the website they looked very very close. I am happy to report we dont have any dupes.

As you can see below, Lennon has a green/aqua undertone, Amaris is a denim blue and Jean has a periwinkle lean. Amaris also has way more holographic sparkle.

First pic is under my LED light, second pic is in natural day light, its quite gloomy here today.


  1. They are all very different! And pretty! They would look nice in a skittle together, I think. :)

    1. Yes, a skittle of these would be really pretty, I could add in Summer and Elsa :)

    2. Ooh, yes! Or Dream, maybe, to continue the holo?