Sunday 10 December 2023

The Zoya Wall Update

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing a small update on the *Zoya Wall* a few days ago I decided to add in all the polishes from late 2022 until just prior to the Magical collection.

Below is the wall prior to additions.

These are not the best photos because I keep my office dark at all times to protect the polishes from fading.

First photo is prior to adding of polish, second photo is the polish that needed to be added and third photo is the polishes having been added.

I really need to order another two wall racks, as clearly I am running out of space, the last two photos are the helmer drawers with the whites, nudes and browns, and the other drawer is the golds, silvers, greys to blacks.

The white dots on caps mean this bottle has a Z Wide brush inside, now that Zoya are using the Z Wide as default I've had to add a column in my spreadsheet marking if the bottle has an original or Z Wide brush.

The current count of Zoya polishes is 787.


  1. Ooh, wow, amazing!!! It looks so, so good! It must make you smile every time you walk in :) Thank you so much for the photos :)

    1. They do make me smile :) its so pleasing to look at :)

    2. :) They and the wall are both so, so pretty! :)