Monday 11 December 2023

Zoya Magical Collection Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my swatch stick and bottle comparisons for the Magical collection for Winter 2023/24 from Zoya.

The set consists of 6 polishes and their names are:- 

Adara, Bisoux, Cherri, Fairleigh, Inez and Vixen.

As always, my photos are taken in natural lighting, I dont adjust the colour, I only crop and add my watermark, the new polish is always first left.

Continues below the banners.

First up we have Bisoux, Fairleigh, Twinklette and Ginni, no dupes, Bisoux, Fairleigh and Twinklette are a new polish formulation from Zoya, they are super sparkly and dry kind of like a pixie dust. Bisoux is a pale pink, Fairleigh has a lilac undertone, Twinklette is a deeper pink undertone and Ginni is deeper in tone again, Ginni is sadly discontinued.  I just realised my swatch label has an extra e, I've printed out a new label.

Next up was Fairleigh and Stevie, again no dupes, Stevie has a deeper tone of the purple and is a different finish, 

Left to right is Inez, Donnie and Sharon, no dupes, Inez is such a bright tone of hot pink, a proper full on pink with those little flakies, both Donnie and Sharon are deeper in tone, with Sharon having slightly more blue than Donnie.

Left to right Cherri, Alix and Racquel, no dupes, Cherri is a deep but brighter red than Alix or Racquel, Cherri also dries matte. Racquel is discontinued.

Left to right Adara, Isa and Jean, no dupes, Adara is the same tone of blue as Isa but she has added flakies while Isa is a shimmer and Jean is a different finish entirely.

Left to right Vixen, Nina and Kalista, no dupes, this one might be tricky to see but Vixen has a more blackened undertone than Nina and Kalista has a red undertone and golden sparkles, sadly both Nina and Kalista are discontinued.

Last but not least the stamping test. You can really see the red undertone to Vixen.

So there you have it, my comparisons for the Magical collection, do you think I missed a (Zoya) comparison? Let me know in the comments and if I have the polish I can do that comparison.


  1. These are lovely :-D

    How are you? I am just back after a rather LONG break haha!

    1. Hey Ananka!! I'm pretty good :L) how are you doing??

  2. Ooh, pretty, pretty, pretty! I love your comparisons as they always show me more of/about the colour than the standard photos. I wasn't sure about a couple of these, but I really like Inez, Bisoux and Fairleigh. :) For more comparisons, wasn't there a blue similar to Adara and Isa in the Spring Daydreaming collection? Kira, maybe? Is Estelle a similar blue? And perhaps Tink might be similar to Inez? (they might not be; this is just off the top of my head!) Thank you, as always, for the lovely informative photos and information! :)

    1. I';; grab those out and do a comparison post for you :)

    2. Thank you! :)