Tuesday 12 December 2023

Additional Comparisons for Adara, Inez and one for the new Crystal.

Hi Friends 

Today I'm sharing a couple of additional comparison requests.

First up we have Adara compared to Kira and Estelle. No dupes, Adara is much deeper in tone than Kira and Estelle has a blackened base.

Inez and Tink, no dupes, Tink almost looks red compared to the pinkness of Inez.

Crystal (2) and Eastyn, this was close, I dont think my photo shows it but there is the merest hint more brown in Crystal compared to Eastyn, Eastyn I've just discovered today is discontinued :(.


  1. Thank you! Both Kira and Tink have similar finishes to Adara and Inez, but they are quite different colours. So sad about Eastyn! :( but at least if you wanted something similar, Crystal (2) is probably close enough. Thank you for being so willing and generous with your posts :)

    1. Yes Zoya have branched out into flakies which is fantastic, I didnt realise how close Eastyn and Crystal were, I'm glad I have both as I do love the murky dustiness of them both.

    2. Me too! I really like those grey-brown tones :)

  2. They are all slightly different. Those blues are all lovely :-D