Thursday 7 December 2023

Zoya Hauls

Hi Friends

Today on the blog I'm sharing the products I purchased when Zoya had their 10 polishes for $25 promotion, my Black Friday orders and my order of the Magical set using a 50% promotion using my *Zoya Points*

First to arrive was my Magical order plus Vera who had been damaged in shipping from the Enamoured collection.

First Black Friday order was the following :-

Laurel, Shay, Waverly, Andi, Erin and two bottle of the Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator.

Second Black Friday order was the following :-

Qtica Intense Hydration Cream, Naked Manicure Hand & Body Spray Serum, Oylie Spray on Total Repair Oil and two more bottles of the Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator.

The 10 polishes for $25 plus I ordered Amaris was the following polishes :-

Jett, Sari, Whitney, Dita, Ginessa, Nidhi, Toni, Nyssa and Mae.

Pics showing all the polishes plus the Qtica NGS.

Tested the Oylie and it smells amazing, I've used the Naked Manicure spray serum before and like it

I've swatched all the polishes and hopefully I'll be able to do the comparison post for the Magical collection tomoro for you.

I'm also going to re-arrange the wall to add in the new polishes I've swatched and worn this year.

If you are not signed up for the rewards I highly recommend you do, they give you 2500 points for buying a full collection, their rewards programme is very good indeed.  To get 50% off my order I only used 4000 points and I got 2500 of those back because I ordered the full collection.


  1. New order!! :D Eee, how exciting! I look forward to swatches and seeing some of these colours in more detail! Also, could I request pics of the Zoya Wall when it's done? :)

    1. I can indeed show the wall, I'll take a pic before and after, the only difference that might be noticeable will be fewer gaps between the columns. I really need to buy 2 more racks, I am running out of space.

    2. Ooh, yay! Thank you :)