Thursday 11 May 2023

Zoya Toasty Collection - Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my comparisons for the Toasty collection for spring 2023, this is a six piece collection of all creams and their names are as follows, Abigail, Crystal (a reuse of a name), Elowen, Hattie, Ora and Rae.

This was a strange combination of colours for a spring collection and we also have dupe colours.

As always, new polish is first left, pictures are taken in natural daylight and I do not colour correct, only crop and add my watermark. So lets take a look. Comparisons after the promo artwork. Be warned there a lot of pictures in this post and I have thoughts on this collection.

First up left to right we have Abigail, Dove and Carey, no dupes, Abigail has a peachy brown undertone compared to Dove and Carey.

Left to right Crystal, Rowan and Eastyn, so they describe Crystal as a greyed, muted grey mulberry with warm undertones in a full coverage cream formula. Er except it isnt a grey, the blanket the polishes are sat on is grey, Rowan is described as a taupe cream, Eastyn is discontinued but was described as a greige purple if I remember correctly. 

This is all my Zoya greys and look how pink nude Crystal looks.

This is the new Crystal with the original gorgeous Crystal.

Left to right Rae, Joss, Hattie and Meadow. no dupes, this was interesting, I was sure I'd have more to match, Rae has a very peachy undertone and matches Meadow more than Joss although Meadow has that golden shimmer, you can also see how close Rae and Hattie are, I dont think these two should have been in the same collection.

Left is Elowen and right is Dagmar and here is were I'm kinda disappointed, these are incredibility close if not direct dupes. When I do my wear review I'm going to wear both together and see if I can see any differences.

Left is Ora and right is Gabi, again almost dupes, theres maybe a hint more blue undertone in Ora than Gabi but unless you are a collector or obsessed with nail polish you arnt going to notice the difference in these two, or need both.

I also got my order of the Daydreaming collection, plus free Z Wide brushes and another bottle of Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator.

The garden is starting to finally burst into life as well, I had to cut back my Alpina Helsingborg clematis as the wire holding it up had pulled the post being used for it over, thankfully I didnt kill it and its sprouting back nicely and we've got lovely new trellis for it to climb on.  The spiky thing in the bed is actually Crocosmia Lucifer from my mums garden.

This bed has a Japanese anemone in the left corner in white, plus I have more Crocosmia and a red hot poker in yellow and my favourite allium Nectaroscordum Siculum aka Sicilian Honey Garlic, pic below of them when in flower.

Sicilian Honey Garlic in flower, so funky.

My Queen of the Night tulips are really stunning this year.

So what are your thoughts on this collection, for me it doesnt quite hit the mark, I really like the tones of Rae and Hattie plus I love a grey polish but I'm not sure we needed Ora and Elowen and they arnt spring shades for me. I'm also very disappointed at how close in tone they are to two very recent colours they'd already released.

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