Wednesday 10 May 2023

Zoya Hypnotic Collection - Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

Hi Friends 

Today I'm sharing my bottle and swatch stick comparisons for the Hypnotic trio for holiday 2022/23.

Their names are Clarice, Metora and Rosalind. In contrast to previous brights these are dark and vampy.

Continued after the promo pics.  As always new polish is first left, all photos taken in direct natural light, no colour correcting.

First up left to right is Metora, Jem and Rachael, no dupes, Jem is a darker tone with a different finish and Rachael is a cream finish and also darker than Metora.

Left to right Rosalind, Ibiza and Indigo, no dupes, Rosalind has a purple undertone, almost duochrome look while Ibiza is a cream and Indigo has very slight sparkles.

Left to right Clarice, Envy and Ray, no dupes, Envy has a yellow undertone and is a cream, Ray is a holographic.

I was curious about Regina because I knew it was a blackened green with a shimmer, but as you can see the shimmer in Regina is a tonal deep green, whereas the shimmer in Clarice is a brighter almost yellow colour. Left is Clarice and right is Regina.

You can really see the difference in the shimmer here, so cool.

These are stunning, Zoya does glowy polishes very well. I cant wait to wear these beauties.


  1. How does Clarice compare to Olivera? I know Olivera has blue/purple multichrome, but the shimmer looks a bit similar to me. This was a really nice collection! :)

    1. I've pulled both out to take a pic in day light tomoro but Clarice is a deep forest green with a bright green flash where as Olivera is a deep navy blue with a bright green flash.

    2. Ooh, okay! Those are great descriptions! :)

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    4. Ugh link wouldnt work hmmm

    5. Oh, thank you! Olivera is such a gorgeous colour; she reminds me of the iridescence on birds' wings sometimes.

    6. Oh yes, that flashy bit on a pigeon well without the pink/purple flash lol