Friday 5 May 2023

Zoya Y2k Collection - Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

Hey Friends 

Today I'm sharing my bottle and swatch stick comparisons for the Y2k trio for winter 2022/23.

Three polishes called Malana, Sparrow and Tamiah.

As always photos are taken in natural light in front of a window, with a Pixel 6a phone, I do not colour correct, I only crop my images and add my watermark. The new polish is always first left.

Continued after the promo images.

First up we have left to right Malana, Blyss and Taryn, no dupes, I have nothing anywhere near the finish of Malana, Blyss and Taryn were the closest colour wise and sadly Blyss is discontinued.

Left to right Tamiah, Eradani, Millie and Marlowe, no dupes, Tamiah is close to Eradani colour wise but the finishes are totally different, Millie has more pink and Marlowe has more blue tones.

Left to right Sparrow, Elsa, Muse and Marlena. no dupes, Sparrow is much brighter than the others and a different finish than them too.

These are so pretty, I love that this was so left field for a holiday collection, I cant wait to getting wearing these beauties.

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