Friday 12 May 2023

Zoya Daydreaming Collection - Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my bottle and swatch stick comparisons for the Daydreaming collection for spring 2023. This is a six piece collection with the following names, Kira, Marie, Sipsey, Terra, Tink and Yardley.

As always bottle shots are taken in natural lighting with no colour correction just a crop and a watermark added, new polish is always first left. My comparisons after the promo artwork.

First up left to right are Yardley, Esme and Nadia, no dupes, Esme has a glass fleck added and Nadia is a slightly more orange tone.

Left to right Sipsey, Kimmy, Kym and Autumn, no dupes, both Kimmy and Kym have a more red undertone, Kym is discontinued and Autumn has much more orange tone.

Left to right Tink, Alegra and Anaka, no dupes, these three are different finishes with Anaka being slightly deeper in tone than Alegra and Tink, Alegra also has a more red undertone than Tink, I think.

Left to right Terra, Venus, Zara and Marie, no dupes, Terra is a much richer shade them Venus who is discontinued and Zara who has golden shimmer, I just added Marie to show the different tones of purple. Venus was the silver shimmer sister to Zara.

Left to right Marie, Hudson, Harmonie and Aster, no dupes, Marie is a very saturated almost periwinkle leaning purple compared to Hudson and Harmonie who are both discontinued, Aster is a very pale periwinkle purple.

Left to right Kira, Elsa, Muse and Sparrow, no dupes, Kira is so saturated and bright even compared to Sparrow. Elsa and Muse are different finishes also.

There you have it, comparisons for the latest collection from Zoya, these are gorgeous and I cannot wait to get wearing them, I am interesting to see how they layer over each other and corresponding creams.


  1. Thank you so much, for sharing your gorgeous swatches and comparisons. 💜 Very helpful!

  2. I just looked this up, and yes, Autumn is more orangey than Sipsey. I quite like the colours in this collection, but the finish isn't my all-time favourite and I need to stop adding to my wishlist! The name reminds me of the song Daydreaming by Rosa Pullman; I always sing the name in my head! :D Also, I really love your comparison posts; you do them really well and they're really so helpful!! <3

    1. I think the next few swatches I do will confirm if you like them or not, I have a feeling that Terra, Marie and Kira will be three coaters for full opacity. The finish I quite like, as I think they can be used as toppers over other colours, I am not a fan of actual glitter so I was thrilled these are not. Also cool song :) I hunted it out on Apple Music :)

    2. Yeah! I kinda wish there was a green in this collection though. But I really like how they laid out the colours for the promo pics! My original favourites were Tink and Marie, but your swatch convinced me on Sipsey too! :D I hadn't thought about using them as topper; cool!! I'm glad you liked the song! :)