Wednesday 20 March 2019

Louis Vuitton Nails

I'm on a role with posting,

Today I have some Louis Vuitton nails for you, I ordered several plates from Nail-Artisan by Alex by the brand Mundo De Unas, I'd not tried their plates before and saw a post on facebook where someone had the Louis Vuitton plate and I thought thats cute, then fell down the rabbit hole of stamping plates.

Alex's shop

Alex is fantastic, her shipping is fast and very well packaged and she always has interesting items, be that plates or polish.

I started with two coats of Zoya Anchor my go to basecoat, I've switched out the normal brush for the new Z-wide brush and I have to say that it makes doing my basecoat quicker and I dont seem to be getting the bubbles I was with the old brush. The only down side is I have tiny nails so I have to be careful.

I then did two coats of Agnes, this could have been a one coater if I'd been a little more careful.  Then it was on to the stamping, I decided to go with a smooch of Aire (Blue), Evette (Purple) and Danica (Teal) for the small graphic and then did the logos in the different colours for my thumbs, the Mundo De Unas plates are slightly bigger than a credit card, they are very well etched and the pickup was really good, I dont tend to use polish thats been made specially for stamping as the ones I have tried I didnt like, when I went to do clean up the acetone just seemed to smear the colour over my skin instead of removing it. I topped the stamping off with my go to topcoat which is Barry M Plumpy Topcoat. The shine from Agnes is all her own doing.

You can see on my left hand ring finger I didnt quite float the top coat over my nail and its smeared a bit :( I also think I need to change my scraper, the one I am using now is a little old, I think a bendier scraper would work better.  Overall I am really please with how they turned out :)

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