Tuesday 19 March 2019

Interesting things you use when polishing your nails.

Hey :) 

So today I thought I'd sure some items that you might not think of when you polish your nails :) 

So from top middle we have the following (I say so a lot!! even in real life) 

Watermarble tool
Plastic pipette
Clean up brush
Small dappen dish aka small glass dish
Very small funnel
Large funnel 

Watermarble tool, this isnt quite necessary to do watermarbles but if you do a lot of watermarbling its very nice to have a specific tool.

Plastic pipette, now this one is my own finding, I was forever spilling my pure acetone when I was trying to put it in the small glass dish, our vet had asked us to get a urine sample from our cat and provided the pipette, we never did manage to get a sample from the cat but the pipette struck me as very handy to transfer a small amount of acetone to my dish, less waste and no spilling stuff all over my dish and usually in the process ruining my manicure.

Clean up brush, if you are not great at painting your nails due to either shakey hands (me) or very bad eye sight (also me) then a clean up brush is essential, once you'll done your manicure, if you have a bit of cleanup then you dip your brush into the acetone and clean up your nails.

Glass dish, you need something to put your pure acetone in and you cant really use plastic unless you know its acetone resistant so glass it is, now you can get profession dappen dishes but I found that the glass tea light holders from Ikea to be the perfect size, mine is super mucky but it cleans up ok with a rub of acetone.

Small and large funnels, if youre obcessed with doing your nails you need a lot of nail polish remover, either pure acetone or my favourite is Zoya Remove plus, buying the bigger bottles is more economical value wise but miss shaky hands over here needed help getting the acetone or remove from the large bottle to my small bottles and the funnels are perfect, I use the very small one to put acetone into a nail polish bottle if I have used up a basecoat, treatment or topcoat.

The last item is my nail polish silicon mat, while I  dont mind getting polish etc on my desks, you can use the matte to make decals or test designs out before you go trying to put it on your nails.

Thanks for reading my ramble :) 

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