Saturday 3 November 2018

Zoya Jubilee Comparisons

Good afternoon :) 

Today on the blog I show you my comparisons of the Jubilee collection, there are no exact dupes that I could find in my collection, however, I dont have ever Zoya ever, I only own approx 500 of them.  

I'm not going to compare the Leopard Spots topper as I have nothing like that at all, not even in my normal collection.   

This is a long post with lots of pictures, so grab a snack and drink. The bottle shots were taken in a sunlit room in the shade, the swatches were taken in the same room but in sunlight to enable you to see the colour differences.

So lets begin, going from lightest to darkest, I'll use Zoya's description then talk about my selections.

Leigh can best be described as a full-coverage perfect winter nude - rich and warm cream with just a hint of pink to compliment any skin tone.

In the bottle this looked very like April and Ana, on the swatch it has a much peachier undertone, no dupes in my collection.

Carson can best be described as a full-coverage muted nude pink cream, I pulled out Jill as I was sure this was a dupe, its very close in the bottle but in the swatch you can see Carson has a pinker undertone.  I also compared Carson to Rue, Rue is much lighter with an almost grey undertone.

Astrid can best be described as a liquid gold foil, I compared this to a lot of my gold Zoya, I think the closest match is Maria Luisa with Maria having much larger particles than Astrid.  I think a manicure with Goldie then Astrid on top will look amazing though. Aggie is much darker with that duochrome finish and Kerry is way brighter. You can see also that the 18 carat real gold topcoat is much more yellow as well.

Maxine can best be described as a full-coverage a rich red cream with an evenly balance undertone, I was sure this was going to be were I found a dupe but no, I hope you can see in the pictures that Maxine is a deeper colour than Carmen and Juicy, I did compare Sookie but she is a true red while Maxine has a pink undertone.

Allison can best be described as a full-coverage plum-toned ruby cream, another I was sure I would have a dupe for as Zoya has done a LOT of pink over the past year, however, I found no dupes, Allison is lighter than Monroe and Brie is closer to Monroe but still not a dupe. Brie is also discontinued and no longer available from Zoya.

Taryn can best be described as a fiery fuchsia micro-irredescent shimmer with blue undertones, both the polishes I picked are discontinued and no longer available but neither were dupes, Blyss is darker and takes 3 coats for opacity and Lillith is lighter and doesnt have the duochrome of Taryn.

Chiara can best be described as a full-coverage deep purple cream, in the bottle shots I thought Mira was the closest but she has a red undertone while Chiara has blue, in the swatches I threw in Monica but again Monica has more blue than Chiara so no dupes.

Cookie can best be described as a purple PixieDust with gold flecks, I pulled out all the purple pixies I owned and nothing comes close to Cookie with her golden flecks. All the others are versions of purple on purple or pink.

Danica can best be described as a full-coverage rich deep teal cream, Zoya dont do a lot of teal, infact when I looked on their website they list, Wednesday, Talia, Cecilia and Zuza, I own all of those except Cecilia and they are all much brighter than Danica, so I compared her with Suvi who is a discontinued polish and Giovanna a deep metallic green. As you can see no dupes, Danica is the perfect blue green mix while the others are more on the green side.

Juniper can best be described as a sparkling teal textured PixieDust, I pulled out all my green pixie dusts and have nothing like Juniper, Chita is a medium green with a huge amount of silver glitter and Cece is very light green with green glitter. Juniper also has a violet purple flash in the bottle that does show up on the nail if you tilt the swatch.

Kateri can best be described as a full-coverage beautiful midnight brown cream, this was the most difficult to photograph as its so dark, I pulled out Nina and Elaine and this is also the closest match, the bottle shots show Kateri as slightly brighter, Nina has a red undertone. Elaine is darker.

Let me know what you think in the comments, did I miss a comparison? 

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