Tuesday 30 October 2018

PoP Polish Tri-Thermals

PoP Polish aka The Power of Polish aka Bianca Samantha owner, is an indie nail polish brand based in the USA. She's one of the most unique indie brands I've come across, she has amazing multi chromes that she calls Oil Slicks which they are, so shifty.

Today for you I have some of her new Tri-Thermals. Normally thermals are one colour when cold and one when hot, Bianca and others have now come up with polishes that have 3 colour changes, hot, warm and cold.  I'm wearing The Haunted Forest today but my hands are so cold I can only see the cold state, its 3 degrees here in the UK at the moment.

First up is She-Devil a dark plumy pink (cold) to red toned med pink (warm) to a bright neon pink (hot). This is also jam packed with sparkly goodness, I didnt wear topcoat with She-Devil so you could see the finish which is matte but with sparkle, almost like a pixie dust from Zoya but a lot less gritty.

Next up is my favourite so far and thats called By The Pale Moonlight which is a dark blue toned purple (cold) to a red toned purple (warm) and finally to a bright grass green (hot).  These all had great formula and were opaque in two coats. These are so unusual I grabbed all of the ones I could from Rainbow Connection UK an amazing UK indie seller.  I am waiting on a restock as I did miss a couple of the thermals as they sold out very quickly. I am wearing topcoat in these pictures so you can see how it looks shiny, the sparkle stands out really well.

If you are on the lookout for unusual polishes or finishes I highly recommend PoP Polish, she's also the lady behind the pastel oil slick multi chromes.

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