Friday 7 June 2024

A Zoya A Day - Paisley

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my swatch and review of the stunning Paisley.

Available on the website - Yes
Brush used - Z Wide
Name - Paisley
Year - 2024
Number - ZP1225
Does it stamp - Yes
Coats - 2
Finish - Cream
Collection - Polish of the Month
Colour - Neon Purple
Topcoat - No

Paisley can be described a pastel neon that packs a punch

This polish is so gorgeous, a really bright vibrant neon, this is one I can see myself wearing a lot over the summer, I keep staring at my nails.  I did stamp with Soraya as well.  Paisley has a good formula, no running or pooling and I did two coats, as this is a neon it does dry to that matte finish.

This is a chameleon colour, the right hand side are the most colour accurate. 

This really fits in so well with the Beachy Brights 2 collection, I highly recommend grabbing this one if you havent already.


  1. Wow, I love the stamping! And it's so different on your different hands! By right, do you mean the image on the right side of the screen, or the image of your right hand (I can't tell which hand is which)?

    1. Yeah its confusing because of how I do the photos, I do mean the image on the right, which is my left hand lol thats not confusing at all ! when I take my photos I hold my hand palm facing me then curl my fingers over until they line up, then do the same with the other hand, but if I put the left hand on the left and the right on the right it would look strange as the nails would face *outwards*, so I put the left nails on the right and the right nails on the left. it means then you can see colour differences due to whatever my camera is doing or lighting etc.

    2. Ah, okay! Thank you for the explanation :)

  2. Hi! Do you know whether Zoya will do a color of the month for June? Usually they've announced it by now, but I haven't seen anything. 4

    1. Hey there, Mmm no I havent seen anything either, it could be they're waiting to give the Beachy Brights their moment, I check their stories when they post, I even have alerts for them. Zoya are a bit strange with the Colour of the Month, they just randomly started it last July sooo who can tell lol? I am hoping they do a June one, they seem to get more creative/fun with the limited polishes.

    2. Yeah, it does seem to be a bit random! They skipped the January one completely, iirc. Yeah, they're fun! Even if I don't get them I enjoy looking at them and read swatches. :)

    3. Oh thats good, now that i have a new tenet and am getting rent again, i should be back to getting the monthly polishes.

    4. Oh, I'm glad! Yay :) I really appreciate what you do for us Zoya fans! :)

    5. :) well I'm not sure who is enabling whom lol

    6. Ha! Well, it's great fun either way! 😁