Monday 13 November 2023

Weekend Manicure

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my weekend manicure, I started with a base of Fancy Gloss Azalea, a bright pink when cold to creamy white when hot thermal.  I then stamped using Zoya Brynlee, Kay and Gigi, using Moyra 136 Gothanical, 135 Macabre & 107 Botanical plus the fantastic Supersizer stamper to shrink some images down for my tiny nails.  The stamper also allows you to increase the size of images as well as shrink them down.

Azalea has a great formula, no running or pooling and I did two coats, excuse the messy swatch, I knew I was going to stamp so left clean up until after the stamping.

I've also taken advantage of the Zoya 10 polishes for $25 deal they had going over the weekend, the polishes I picked up are as followes:-

Amaris (not included in the deal)

I'm hoping Zoya do a Black Friday deal of some kind, I plan on picking up the Magical set.

The kids have gone into hibernation mode, although not when they have the zoomies for 20 minutes after we turn the lights off, Obi uses this time to meow the place down and wrestle with Ellie, then Ellie gives up and hops up on the bed and settles on my feet for the night. The two pics are from Saturday morning and yesterday morning, they both love to use me as a cushion to nap on.


  1. Wow, this manicure is amazing! I really love the colours. Doesn't Zoya have an Azalea, too? This one is really nice—I like that vibrant pink and gold combination.

    Your cats are very cute :) And are the cushions the same butterflies as the background of your blog? That's so cool!

    I'm intrigued by your order!! Reva, Ginessa, Nyssa and Mae are all colours I've had my eyes on. I look forward to your blog posts! :)

    1. Hi, yes Zoya does indeed have an Azalea and if you search the blog you should find a post about her, yeah the cushions do indeed have my Papilio Ulysses butterfly on them, I saw them in Asda and I had to have them :) I was kinda surprised I could pick 10 out of the ones on offer, I'm looking forward to seeing the colours.

    2. Yes, it was a generous sale! I'm looking forward to "seeing" the colours too! :) You always do great swatches and comparisons :)