Thursday 14 September 2023

Comparison Request

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing some extra comparisons that a reader requested.

So we have Precious compared to Patrice and Wanda.  The other comparison is Jean and Alice.

Pics were taken in natural light and only cropped and watermarked.

First up we have left to right Precious, Patrice and Wanda, no dupes, in fact I'd almost say Precious is a mix of Patrice and Wanda. The swatches all are two coats each.

Next is Jean and Alice, no dupes, Jean is much deeper in tone and they are different finishes.


  1. Thank you!!! The comparison of Patrice, Precious and Wanda is really interesting. Now Wanda is reminding me of Harper, but I think Harper is much brighter. I have Harper on my mind though because I just wore her! I do like Jean! She and Alice are very different. They could be nice in nail art together though? Thank you for the comparison! :)

    1. Yeah, if youre on Instagram I've chuck a comparison up on there of Wanda and Harper.

    2. No I quite like it, sometimes I totally miss a comparison plus we're talking about my favourite brand, I could talk for hours about Zoya lol

    3. Also, if it's not too many, would you mind comparing Jean and Dream? (Ha, that almost rhymes!) No pressure! :)

    4. I could do Jean and Dream :) I can pop that on Instagram and put the link here :)

    5. Yay, thank you!! :D (Out of curiousity, as someone who has neither instagram nor a blog, is instagram easier to post on?)

    6. Instagram is pretty cool, its a photo sharing app, the link for Jean and Dream :)

    7. Cool, thank you!!