Wednesday 27 September 2023

A Zoya A Day - Lennon

Hi Friends

Today on the blog I'm sharing my swatch and review of the sparkling Lennon.

Available on the website - Yes
Brush used - Z Wide
Does it stamp - No
Name - Lennon
Year - 2023
Number - ZP1199
Coats - 3
Finish - Holographic Glitter
Collection - Enamoured
Colour - Teal
Topcoat - No

Lennon can be described as a deep pacific teal with a shimmering holographic finish 2 coat formula.

What a stunning polish Lennon is, this is hugely sparkly, Lennon has a great formula, no running or pooling and I did three coats for maximum sparkle, I am wearing a peel off basecoat for easy removal and I got myself some full cover fake nails for the two broken nails, I am hoping these protect the nails while they grow out.

I've purchased set B of enamoured and the September Polish of the Month as well, they should be here next Monday. The next to last pic is of my left hand nails after I had to cut them due to another break on my index finger.  

The last pic was my manicure for the FB When Colors Collide challenge for green, purple and orange.


  1. This is another gorgeous colour! She's so sparkly. Would you call her a glitter polish, or is she the same formula as Merida, Dream, Finley, Aurora, etc.? So sad about your nails!! :( You are braver than I—when I have a break, I just have one short one and the rest long until it grows out! I like the pattern you chose for the colliding colours, and I look forward to the next collection! :)

    1. Lennon is glitter, so think like the original pixie dusts not the mega pixie dusts, one decent coat of top coat smoothed them out, they arnt like the reflective glitters. I do love the Colour Collide prompts, they make you think and go through your collection. I'm making sure to use the Qtica again and the nail strengthener to help my left hand out. The fake nail is helping very well for my right ring finger.

    2. Original like Carter? I'm not very good at the PixieDusts; whenever I've tried to add a topcoat (I use the Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy, but when my bottle runs out I think I'll go back to Armor), I needed like three coats, and then the polish started peeling/chipping the next day.

      Ooh, that's fun! How long do you wear your manicures for? Mine last about a week, give or take. I have so many ideas, but I like to make the most of colours too!

      Good luck with growing your nails!!! :)

    3. Yeah Carter or Godiva or Tilly, but not as sand paper feeling if you know what I mean? I tend to change my mani every couple of days, sometimes every day depending on what I fancy or feel like lol

    4. Oh, I know what you mean then! :) Nice :)

  2. Hi - new here but can already tell you without a doubt that I LOVE YOUR COMPARISONS!!! I keep asking Zoya in particular (but other polish companies too) to bring back their comparison feature on the website. It baffles my mind that a company with over 600 polish choices does not offer a comparison option!!

    Anyway, I digress. I know it's been several weeks since you posted this review of Zoya's Lennon, but now that we have the November Color Of The Month in Amaris, I was wondering if you'd be able to do a side-by-side comparison of the two?? In the website photos, man, they look EXACTLY the same!

    Thanks bunches!!

  3. Hello :) thank you so much!, yes Zoya used to do comparisons on their own Pinterest account but those seem to have fallen away, I do hope to pick up Amaris, not sure if youre aware but I live in the UK in Derbyshire. I'm waiting to see if they do a sale for Black Friday and pick up the Magical collection and possibly a few older colours I dont own.

    1. Thanks for getting back so quickly! Zoya was the first brand of polish I discovered when I started learning about 'clean' beauty and the only brand I would even consider for ages after that initial discovery. (In fact, it was so long ago that I remember when they had the comparison option on their website. I'm a dinosaur!!) They still hold a special place for me ~ but nowadays there are so many more options that I've kind of fallen away from focusing solely on them. I do still check them out during their amazing sales because NOBODY can touch Zoya when it comes to sales!!! ~~Cheers!

    2. Yeah, I am hoping they do something good for BF, I discovered them in 2009 I think, Jess Face90 on YouTube always raved about them and I have tiny nails and their brush was perfect plus their polishes dont smell half as bad as some, I like that they're still the cleanest salon brand out there, OPI is only 3 free, China Glaze is 7 free I believe, the only brands I regularly buy now are Zoya, Fancy Gloss (best thermals ever) and a UK brand called Barry M their plumpy topcoat is my go to over stamping.