Tuesday 3 October 2023

Zoya Enamoured Set B - Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons including Connor

Hi Friends 

Today on the blog I'm sharing my bottle and swatch stick comparisons for set b of the Enamoured collection, unfortunately there was a casualty in shipping and Vera was damaged, see pic below, I contacted Zoya and their customer service were fantastic, I had a refund within a couple of hours of contacting them.

I did pick up Connor the September colour of the month so we'll add her to this comparison post.

As with all my comparison posts, the new polish is always first left, I take my photos in natural daylight and all I do is crop and add my watermark, I do not colour correct.

The polishes we're going to look at today are Connor, Venus, Pamela, Twinklette, Brynlee and Brianna.

I knew something was a bit strange as when I opened the box to lift out the little sachet of silica it was stuck to the bottle, I then noticed polish around the lid, I was hoping it was just a little spill but when I managed to get the cap off, part of the neck came away as below.

First up we have, left to right, Twinklette, described as a glamorous rose gold holographic infused with micro pink shimmer. No dupes, I'd say the closest in tone is Ginni but she is sadly discontinued, the others are more pink toned and different finishes.

Left to right Brianna, a sophisticated toasted pink cream, Kit, Mia and Patrice, no dupes, Kit is the closest was has more beige/brown in the undertone, Mia is lighter and Patrice has those golden flakies.

Left to right, Venus (2) A vibrant and sparkling rose red with a shimmering holographic finish, Blaze, Chyna and Tink, no dupes, Blaze is the closest in tone but she's a smooth flakie holographic, Chyna is slightly deeper in tone and a pixie dust finish and Tink is a deep red leaning pink.

The original Venus on the right and the new Venue on the left, the original Venus is a stunning colour, one of my favs.

Left to right Brynlee, an intense mulberry cream with a hint of magenta undertone, Tara, Iris and Banks, no dupes, Brynlee is a hare lighter than Tara and dries matte, Iris has more a more red undertone and is sadly discontinued, Banks has more pink undertone.

Left to right Pamela, a darkened imperial purple cream, Iris, Tara and Banks. no dupes, Pamela is deeper in tone than Banks and Tara and Iris are a different tone, with Iris being discontinued.

Left to right Connor, a mid-toned grey with holographic flakes and micro-glitter, Tilly, London and Dahlia, no dupes, the closest in tone is London but thats a different finish without the holographic glitters, Tilly is lighter and Dahlia is a deeper tone of grey.

Stamping test for Brianne, Brynlee and Pamela, all stamp nicely.

So thats the comparisons, what do you think? Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments and if I have the Zoya I can do a comparison.


  1. No, Ginni is discontinued?! :( Is your bottle faded? I thought she was more pink and my Lux has (so much that she looks almost brown in the bottle; I haven't worn her for a while), but I may be confused! And Iris too? I really like the MatteVelvets.

    Nice comparisons as always; thank you! :)

    1. I dont think my bottle of Ginni is faded, although I did buy it in a destash, so cant be sure.

    2. Oh, okay! It's probably my bad then.