Monday 1 August 2022

Zoya Pink Palette Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons.

Hey Friends 

Well wow, I had my second eye op on Monday 25th July and let me tell you, it has been amazing! I have no idea what he did (Ok I do but) but I have never! had this good a vision ever! Not even when I was 15 and first trying contact lenses for the first time. Of course there is one very strange to me thing, my focal length of course was extremely short, I was basically holding my hand about 10 centimetres from my face to see my nails, well now I have to hold my arm out to almost full stretch to see them in focus, its wild. We've been on a couple of walks and to be able to see the views crystal clear without needing binoculars or even glasses is life changing.

Anyhoo! You came for the polish so lets go!

As per usual, photos are taken in natural daylight, I dont colour correct my pics I only crop them, I use a Pixel 4a phone.

The polish names are as follows

The new polish is always the first left.

First up Angel, Monet and Chloe, no dupes, I would descript Angel as a pink version of Eclipse.

Joanie, Gwen and Jodie, no dupes, Joanie is lighter than Gwen and Jodie has much more blue undertone.

Maddy, Tweedy, Sweet and Shelby, no dupes, Maddie is lighter than Tweedy and Sweet who are close, Shelby has a tiny hint more red undertone than Maddy.

Shannon, Micky and Polly, no dupes, Shannon is lighter than Micky and has a more orange undertone than Polly.

Kay, Jolene and Polly, no dupes, Kay has a more orange undertone than Jolene and Polly is darker.

Gigi, Desi and Ali, no dupes, Gigi is lighter than Desi who has a more red undertone and Ali is a neon.

Angel new with Angel original who is sadly discontinued.

Gigi new and Gigi original, who is discontinued.

Both reused names are from polishes originally in the French manicure collection.

Stamping test, all the creams stamped well. Joanie is likely best over a darker colour to show up.

I'm not thrilled with Zoya reusing names, there are literally thousands of names and alternate spellings if they wanted to reuse a name. What are your thoughts on name reuse? Are you a fan of all these pinks.


  1. Great about the op! I got my new date through - let's hope it happens!

    Uggg tell me about it. I hate when they do that and use the same name! Barry M did and Nail Inc, these are the 2 that come to mind for me!

    1. Ohh! Great news you got a new date! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed it all goes well for you :) yeah, its quite annoying they reuse names BUT I guess its better than OPI who make the same polish but name it a different thing!