Monday 2 May 2022

Weekend Manicure

 Hey Friends

Today I'm sharing my weekend manicure with you.

As usual it was a mash up :) 

I purchased two bottles of Fancy Rose 2.0 from Fancy Gloss because its such an interesting colour combo for a thermal, its green cold, blue warm and pink hot. As you can see I got bottles from two different batches of the polish, I love both, the lighter one has a peachy tone to the pink, this is kinda why I adore Indie polish makers and their thermals, as now I own technically three different versions of the same polish, Dried Roses has a different colour of flakie and base green colour than Fancy Rose 2.0. Fancy Gloss is also releasing a creme version of Fancy Rose and I will be picking up a bottle of that for sure.

I did two coats of each bottle, then I stamped with a whole bunch of Virago Varnish, Bug Bites (pink), Beet Ice (Cerise), Speedo (Red), Grunge (Purple).I really wish that Virago Varnish was still around, their polish was/is just brilliant for stamping.

Plates were Whats Up Nails B044 and B017.

For my middle fingers I did gradients of the two pinks and the red, then on my index and little fingers I used Grunge and Bug Bites on their own, my thumbs I did a smooch of the pinks and red.

The second shot down does have water splashed on my nails, I was soooo cold yesterday I couldnt get a warm shot without running hot water over my hands then dashing for my phone before my nails went back to being cold!

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