Friday 14 August 2020

A Zoya A Day - Sue

 Hey friends

Happy Friday, sadly I'm still struggling with pain, the diazepam only worked for a very short time so I've been given baclofen to see if we can stop my neck and shoulders from seizing and causing the pain. The other issue is that for someone with chronic migraine if we take too many painkillers, now I'm not talking about taking 3 or more cocodamol once or twice, but if say I took two cocodamol every day for five days I could go into whats known as a medication overuse headache also known as a rebound headache, which doesnt sound so bad, however, what that means is that when I do then take more painkillers they actually make the pain worse, in order to break that cycle I'd have to go cold turkey without any kind of pain med not even ibuprofen or aspirin for probably a month or more, for someone with chronic migraine that is my worse nightmare because most days I am in pain, be it migraine or arthritis.

A link to the NHS website on MOH - Rebound Heahache Info

Anyway, enough with the pain, we're here for the pretty polish.

Today on the blog we meet Sue

Available on USA website - Yes
Available on the UK website - Yes
Brush used - Original
Does it stamp - No
Name - Sue
Year - 2015
Number - ZP0815
Coats - 2
Finish - Matte Velvet
Collection - Winter Matte Velvets
Colour - Gold
Topcoat - No 

Sue by Zoya can be best described as a soft champagne gold with a multi-hued oyster shell pearl fleck in the traditional Matte Velvet finish.

This polish is stunning, its one of my fav golden neutrals as you can wear it matte or pop a topcoat on and it brings out the tiny sparkles.

Great formula, no running or pooling, probably I should have put a third coat on but sadly I cannot bend my head anymore today.

The last photo shows topcoat over my middle fingers and a close up shot of my thumb without topcoat which I hope shows off all that sparkle, so pretty.


  1. This one is very pretty :-D

    1. I adore their matte velvet formula, they look fab matte or shiny