Monday 22 June 2020

A Zoya A Day - Jack

Hey friends

Today on the blog we meet Jack

Available on USA website - Yes

Available on the UK website - No (out of stock?)
Brush used - Z Wide (White Dot)
Does it stamp - Yes
Name - Jack
Year - 2018
Number - ZP0950
Coats - 2
Finish - Cream
Collection - Sunshine 2018
Colour - Nude
Topcoat - None

Jack by Zoya can best be described as a full coverage nude cream, perfect to match your morning latte. This has a gorgeous formula, opaque in two coats, no running or pooling. 

You'll notice I've put 2018 next to the collection name, thats because Zoya already had a Sunshine collection from 2011, I'm not sure why they choose to reuse a collection name.

I'm off outside now as its nice and sunny :)