Wednesday 24 April 2019

Easter Bunny Mani

Today on the blog I have some bunnies.

I've been struggling with nail inspiration lately, so thank goodness for instagram challenges!

Todays was bunnies! Every time I say bunnies I hear the Buffy the Vampire song I'll got a Feeling.

I started with a base of Pretty Serious Little Duckling :) love the colour and the name! It was opaque in two coats, no running or pooling, I then grabbed three Virago Varnish that spoke spring to me and they were Cannon Ball, She Cries Everyday and Bug Bites, my go to basecoat of Zoya Anchor was my starting point, I dont use anything else as my base unless I'm going to wear a glitter and in that case its Unt Ready for Takeoff peel off basecoat.

I then stamped using the Viragos, I used my Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling and Born Pretty plate BP-60 plus Maniology plate BM-H10 I then topcoated with Barry M Plumpy topcoat.

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