Wednesday 24 April 2019

Instagram Challenge from Claws for a Cause

Happy Wednesday

Today on the blog I have an Instagram Challenge for you from the lovely Claws For a Cause.

April is stress awareness month and Tia wanted us to show stress on our nails, well that stumped a lot of us, me included, in my post I showed you the beautiful Zoya Cana, however, unknown to me naughty Cana stains! So I ended up accidentally with the perfect stressful thing on my nails.

Now I'll bet youre saying whats so stressful about that if you wear polish all the time, well sometimes I dont wear polish, I'll go a couple of days with only basecoat on. But I cant do that if my nails are still stained bright pink, I mean look at them. This picture doesnt do the colour justice either, they literally still looked like they had a polish on. So after this I put a white polish on without basecoat as that can help draw the stain out, I wore that for 24 hours and it did help a bit.

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