Monday 2 July 2018

Nail Artisan by Alex Nail Art Challange

Today on the blog I have a fantastic challenge from the lovely Alex over at Nail Artisan by Alex facebook group.

The theme was a day at the beach and the only rule was to use 5 fingers and include pink glitter!

So here we are

The base is the following

I started with Unt peel off basecoat as I'm wearing glitter, then 2 coats of Zoya Anchor basecoat.

Thumb 2 coats of Zoya Nova, the flesh colour is Zoya Taylor
Index and middle fingers 1 coat of Zoya Brighton
Ring and little fingers 1 coat of Remy with 1 coat of Maisie over that
Then I stamped some shells using Zoya Nina and a crab using Zoya Cora

The plates I used were Bundle Monster plate BP-33 and El Corazon plate EC-s 571 and Lina Summer 01 plate. My stamper of choice is the Clear Jelly Stamper.

I decided to go with as simple a design as possible as I am not the greatest at drawing on my nails and who knew drawing a body on your nail was so hard!

I then used Love Angelina topcoat as it doesnt smear stamping then when that was dry I mattified everything with Zoya Matte topcoat so you could see all the detail and the flakies in Maisie really shine as water :)

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