Monday 2 July 2018

Zoya Sydney


This heat is making doing my nails quite tricky, in this kinda heat polish doesnt really want to dry and I've been outside as much as possible while I feel well and dont have a migraine.

So last night in the coolish evening temps I did a polish from my Zoya Untried Mountain :) 

The polish I picked is Sydney which was actually a mistake as I thought I was grabbing Bobbi another untried pink, Sydney in the bottle is a very foily metallic frosty thing.

Thankfully on the nails it looks like liquid chrome pink, I'd say its a dark version Models Own Chrome Cerise, I cant find my mani when I wore Models Own but I do have swatch sticks of both to compare. If the Models Own had the same colour as Sydney it would have been fab but the Models Own are a washed out muted colour.

Sydney went on like a dream, went where I put it and it wasnt sheer either, below is 2 coats without topcoat, I dont tend to wear topcoat unless I have stamped because I dont wear my polish long enough to warrant topcoat.

Sydney is the darker pink on the left, Chrome Cerise on the right.

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