Friday 25 May 2018

Stamping Friday

Happy Friday

Today I have some stamping to show you, I started with a base of Beep Me 07743 from Virago Varnish, this was opaque in 2 easy coats, I do love Virago Varnish the polishes are so versatile as they also stamp, I purchased the Virago Varnish from Nail Artisan by Alex.

I then used Blueberry Bleak and Aquaholic to stamp. The plate I used was
Bundle Monster BM-XL212 using the dolphins, mermaids and scales images.

I use the Big Bling stamper from Clear Jelly, its very easy to use and as its clear you can see what you're placing the stamps. My scraper of choice at the moment is one from Nail Artisan by Alex which is a e-tailer here in the UK.

I then top coated with Topped With Love by Love Angeline also from Nail Artisan by Alex, I then put matte topcoat from Zoya over the nails with stamping.

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