Friday 10 May 2024

Weekend Nails

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing another manicure using Fancy Gloss Coral Daisy and my weekend manicure using Pistachio and Strawberry Icecream.

First up the manicure I wore from last Monday until yesterday, I did two coats of Coral Daisy then I stamped with Zoya Ziv and Virago Varnish Cannon Ball using plate B059 from Whats Up Nails.

Then yesterday I decides on Pistachio and Strawberry Icecream, I did two coats then stamped with Zoya Gwen, Virago Varnish Green Tea Frost and Whats Up Nails Blanc My Mind, the plates are Born Pretty Artist L003, BeautyBigBang XL-074 and Moyou Crystal Collection 08.

This turned out more subtle than I was expecting, Pistachio is a pink when cold to light pastel neon green when warm.


  1. Ooh, nice! I like the colour combinations you chose. Sorry I'm so late!

    1. Thanks, I do like to try and get a good match to the cold colour then a surprise when its warm, I do love hidden stamping, you arnt late, I only posted late on Friday.

    2. Yeah! I imagine that the hidden stamping would be really fun. :) Thank you. I don't know if you can tell who I am, or if you have other anonymous commenters, but I really like your blog. :)

    3. I think I might have another anonymous but to be honest I dont have a scooby clue lol I cant tell via text as there is no personality to the words? if that even makes sense?

    4. Haha! I suppose that's the point of being anonymous! I think some people are very distinctive typers and some are not. Should I sign off or something? :)

    5. Yes I think you can tell for some people, if you are happy to stay anonymous I'm ok with it :) its the internet, anything goes eh :)

    6. Okay, cool! Thanks :)