Monday 11 March 2024

A Zoya A Day - Vixen

Hi Friends

Today on the blog I'm sharing my swatch of the gorgeous Vixen.

Available on the website - Yes
Brush used - Z Wide
Name - Vixen
Year - 2024
Number - ZP1212
Does it stamp - Yes
Coats - 2
Finish - Cream
Collection - Magical
Colour - Burgundy/Plum
Topcoat - No

Vixen can be described as an Embrace the night with this seductive blackened cherry cream.

Oof Vixen is vampy, this is so deep it looks black in most lights, to a non-nailaphile its a black polish. I think you'll only tell this is a plum when its seen in bright sunlight.  

Vixen has a wonderful formula, no running or pooling and I did two coats for my manicure, purely because I am wearing two false nails and the colour wasnt quite as deep as the bottle on those nails.

I've purchased the Colour of the Month for March Lucky and the new Bloom collection for spring 2024, they wont ship until the 15th of March and usually take about 10 days to get to me here in the UK.


  1. Ooh, this is quite brown, but the reddish undertones give it a nice depth. Gorgeous swatch!! I'm excited to see your thoughts on the new collection—I'm liking the looks of Hyacinth! :)

    1. Yes! huh why didnt I think of brown lol, I am looking forward to seeing Hyacinth, Rhiannon and Violetta as I'm not sure if the formula will be textured or not.

    2. Hyacinth reminds me of Zooey a little bit! It looks like a funky finish—I like the lighter sparkles—but, yeah, I wonder if it is textured. I haven't seen any swatches yet—have you? I look forward to your posts, especially your wonderful comparisons! :)

    3. No I havent seen any swatches yet, be interesting to see the finish, I am hoping for something like their scattered holos and not textured but we shall see, I love doing the comparisons :) glad you like them.

    4. It's a bit strange the way they've rolled out this collection. Ooh, something like Merida, Dream and Finley? That would be amazing! I would also love a yellow and/or orange (like Amy, but holo!) in that finish! :) ♡

    5. Yes if they are like Dream etc that will be wonderful, I would also love a yellow and orange in that finish, Amy is one of my fav oranges from them.

    6. I really love Amy too! Very vibrant and well balanced between warm and cool, I think. I love the almost green in her. I would love a holo like her! :)

    7. Ohh a holo like Amy would be awesome, as would a yellow like Honey or Bee, we need more of the scattered holos, we need a full rainbow of them.

    8. Ooh, a Honey-holo would be gorgeous! I wonder if layering one coat of Brighton, which I find can be a bit sheer on the first coat (but is still super sparkly), over Bee would work as a DIY dupe???

    9. Ohh yes!! That could work. I have a quiet sparse holo topcoat, I am going to try it over Honey on a swatch stick, I shall post a pic in the next blog post coming out tomoro.

    10. Ooh, cool!!! I'll look forward to it :)