Tuesday 17 October 2023

A Zoya A Day - Pamela

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my swatch and review of the gorgeous Pamela.

Available on the website - Yes
Brush used - Z Wide
Does it stamp - Yes
Name - Pamela
Year - 2023
Number - ZP1201
Coats - 1
Finish - Cream Matte
Collection - Enamoured
Colour - Purple Neon
Topcoat - No/Yes

Pamela can described as a darkened imperial purple cream.

Oh boy, Pamela is so gorgeous, in the bottle shot you can see that neon pigment but once its on your nails its the darkest vampiest almost black in some lights purple, this reminds me in many ways of Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI which has a more red/brown undertone, Pamela has a more orchid/pink undertone to her.  Great formula, no running or pooling and I did one coat, Pamela also stamps well.

Pamela dries matte and interestingly when you topcoat it, it brightens up? I am crazy?

Last pic shows Lincoln on the right and Pamela on the left.


  1. Oh, wow!!! I didn't know this was a neon! Gorgeous!!!

    1. Well, its soo dark I wouldnt call it a neon, maybe in the bottle, but you can always tell theres neon pigment if it dries matte.

    2. Yeah. It's a very nice colour :)

  2. What’s the difference between the 3 pictures with 4 nails on all your blog posts? Trying to understand, is it different lighting? What are you showing?

  3. Hi, yeah so the first picture is in natural daylight, the second is under my LED light, the third of my thumbs is both natural and LED light, to show the possible colour changes a polish has in different lighting situation. The fourth pic was showing the topcoat in both natural light and under the LED.