Friday 2 June 2023

My Manicure using Fancy Gloss Pansy

Hi Friends 

Today I'm sharing the manicure I've done for the next few days.

I started with two coats of Fancy Gloss Pansy a stunning deep pink base with a strong golden shimmer when cold to a white when hot thermal. I then added a coat of Witchcraft on my thumbs and middle fingers, then a coat of Zoya Terra on my thumbs as well, then finally I stamped using Zoya Kieko using Fun 21 by Fab Ur Nails and Finger Angels XL14, the Finger Angels plate was from AliExpress. 

This has a lot of photos so hang tight.  I am loving the strong golden shimmer in this.

This is Pansy, the pink is cold and the white is the hot, so cool.

Check out that transition! So fun. I really like the lilac cast putting Terra over Witchcraft gave too.

Fully cold.

Mid transition

Fully warm.

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