Saturday 15 April 2023

Zoya Classic Leathers Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my bottle and swatch stick comparisons for the Classic Leathers collection from October 2022.

This is a 6 piece cream collection consisting of
Althea, Dagmar, Gidget, Ono, Ryder and Sylva.

More pics after the promo pics, new polish is always first left and photos taken in natural daylight, not colour corrected, only cropped and I use a Pixel 6a phone.

Left to right, Gidget, Honey, Darcy and Sawyer, no dupes, you can see that brown undertone in Gidget compared to Honey and Darcy, Sawyer has an orange undertone, I was just curious in this comparison.

Left to right One, Quinn, Donnie and Ciara, no dupes, I hope you can see the lighter colour of Ono compared to Quinn and Donnie has more pink undertone and Ciara pinker and a deeper colour.

Left to right Dagmar, Margo, Tara and Quinn, no dupes. Dagmar has more red undertone than Margo, Tara has a blue undertone and Quinn is a pink but I was wanted to show the depth of colour in Dagmar.

Left to right, Althea, Yara, Gemma and Arbor, no dupes, Yara is close in colour tone but has that golden shimmer, Gemma is lighter and is discontinued and Arbor has way more yellow undertone.

Left to right Sylva, Natty, Brett and Sailor, no dupes, I was not expecting such a grey/green undertone in Sylva but she's not close to Elliot either, Natty has a grey undertone and Brett and Sailor are deeper blues.

Left to right Ryder, Cola, Colette and Colin, no dupes, Cola has more red undertone but is discontinued, Colette is very close to Colin only with golden shimmer but is discontinued and Colin has more yellow undertone.

There we have it, the final comparisons for now of some of the collections I missed. I will be picking up the Hypnotic, Y2K, Toasty and Day Dreaming collections at the end of this month.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day so the hubs and I decided to go on a wee dander around the countryside in our area, an almost 7 miles walk, our original cafĂ© stop was closed to we had to go to a different one slightly further away lol.


  1. Originally when I heard Zoya were bringing out a 'classic leathers' collection I expected a texture finish not cream. Still nice shades though.

    1. Yeah, they could have done something pixie like and that would have been so cool, still, as you say, pretty shades :)