Thursday 6 April 2023

Zoya Metallic Dreams Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my bottle and swatch stick comparisons for the Metallic Dreams trio from October 2022, this was a small 3 piece collection.

The names are Amara, Matilda and Moki.

More info after the promo pics. As per normal, new polish is always first left and photos are taken in natural daylight using a Pixel 6a phone. I do not colour correct my pics.

Left to right Matilda, Binx, Harper and Tess, no dupes, Matilda doesnt have the same finish as Binx or Harper and is slightly lighter in colour to Binx, Tess is a metallic but sadly discontinued. 

Left to right Amara, Jinx, Soleil and Penny, no dupes, Amara gas much more brown undertone that any of these, Jinx, Soleil and Penny are much more coppery and Jinx and Penny are sadly discontinued.

Left to right Moki, Richelle, Ziv and Amara, no dupes, the closest is Richelle but she has a hint more brown and is sadly discontinued.

I havent done a stamping test on these but I think Moki and possibly Amara might stamp.


  1. These metallics are nice. I do like them even though 2 are browny!

    1. :) I am able to paint my nails with Moki the lesser brown of the two, and put the topper Bonnie over some nails too.