Wednesday 8 June 2022

Zoya Abundance bottle and swatch stick comparisons - For Spring 2022.

Hey Friends

Today on the blog we're going to look at bottle and swatch stick comparisons for the Abundance collection for spring 2022.

There are six polishes in this collection and their names are :-

Ellis - Dark rich cerise cream nail polish.
Gwen - Muted tea rose pink nail polish.
Kit - Calming old rose cream nail polish.
Lena - Mid-toned wisteria purple cream nail polish.
Tyler - Deep indigo blue cream nail polish.
Elsa - Iridescent cool-toned blue with a purple magical shift with densely-packed rainbow glitter nail polish.

As usual, the new polish is first left, photos taken in natural day light using my Pixel 4a phone.

Continues below.

Left to right, Gwen, Cami, Tweedy and Sweet, no dupes, you can see that Cami has that hint of brown undertone, Gwen is a very bright light pink.

Left to right Kit, Suzanne and Ruthie, no dupes Suzanne has a shimmer that Kit does not and Ruthie is much darker.

Left to right Ellis, Ciara and Quinn, no dupes, you can see how much lighter Ellis is plus Ciara has a purple/red undertone and Quinn is darker.

Left to right Lena, Skipper and Banks, no dupes, Lena is much lighter and brighter than the other two.

Left to right Elsa and Walker, Zoya has nothing like Elsa so I did a colour comparison and Walker was the closest I had.

Left to right Tyler, Aire and Danielle,  no dupes, Tyler dries darker than the bottle and has no purple undertone like Danielle or the grey undertone of Aire.

Stamping test, Kit, Ellis and Tyler stamp well, the other three not so much.
All of the creams had lovely two coat coverage on the swatch sticks, Elsa I did three coats to give it maximum sparkle.