Friday 15 April 2022

Easter Weekend Manicure

Hey Friends

Today I'm sharing my Easter weekend manicure with upi, this has a lot! of polish involved so hang tight.

List of plates used:-
Whats Up Nails B017, Nicole Diary 108 and Moyou London Festive 77.

Zoya August, Zoya Tieran and Zoya Tweedy, Virago Varnish  Mango Madness, Virago Varnish Cannon Ball and Virago Varnish Blood Orange Chill, Whats Up Nails Neither Noir.  

The base for my thumbs was Fancy Gloss Once Upon A Time, fingers were Fancy Gloss Spook-tacular.  The smoosh stamping was Fancy Gloss Orange Sherbet, Coral Dreams, Neon Pink, Minty Fresh and Neon Blue.
Spook-tacular is a deep violet purple (cold) to clear (hot) thermal with multichrome flakes. Once Upton a Time is a blue (cold) to pink (warm) thermal cream. 

I started with two coats each of Spook-tacular on my fingers and two coats of Once Upon A Time on my thumbs. I then stamped the black reeds using Nicole Diary 108 and Whats Up Nails Neither Noir, next it was the layered rabbit using August, Tieran and Tweedy, the chick used Mango Madness, Cannon Ball and Blood Orange Chill, the chick I messed up a teeny bit and it now looks a bit demonic but thats ok :) 

Then came the messy fun bit, I blobbed all the Fancy Gloss onto the Whats Up Nails plate and did smooshes for the eggs and the flowers, cleaned up using my Nail Artisan cleanup brush and pure acetone, topcoated using Barry M Plumpy Topcoat and then Barry M Matte topcoat to finish it all off. I also fixed that damage on my thumb with a little acetone to make the polish liquid again.

I am really happy with how these turned out, I love them hot with the thermal gone clear as the rainbow smoosh stands out and I love them cold as the black reeds stand out.

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