Thursday 10 March 2022

Nail Art for Ukraine

Hi Friends

Today on the blog, I was a tiny part of a nail art project for Ukraine to show support for the events happening in Ukraine.

This is a very picture heavy post.

I used Virago Varnish Sweater Reason Season (blue) and Mango Madness (yellow), the white was Whats Up Nails Blanc My Mind, the plate I used was UberChic In Loving Memory. Below is the text that was written to accompany the mani's with links to donate is you can, (no obligation to donate if you cannot).


This is an important collab. It is to show our support and solidarity with the country of Ukraine. Who are single handedly holding back the Russian forces that have invaded for no reason. #PutinsWarOfChoice is what its deemed as.

Hopefully, through all the hardship and terrors of war, they will somehow see our tiny arts & know we support them, & possibly boost morale. Morale is SO important during war times.

Please see #NailArtistsStandWithUkraine to view all the nail artists involved on Instagram.

@katten.nails did a collab a few days ago because she couldn't find one, so we decided to keep them separate for greater reach and to spread the word, also, the posting dates are spread out, which means more people will see Nail Artist saying ‘NO’ to war! We decided to incorporate the hashtags of both collabs into our posts though, which I believe is amazing cross-collaboration, so, thank you to all who speak up and show their support, no matter how you do it! It does matter and it does help!

Below are some very important donation links.

đź’™Sunflower of Peace -  Currently providing backpacks to Ukrainian soldiers, citizens, and volunteers. According to its fundraising information, “Each backpack is designed for groups of 5 to 10 people and includes a variety of first aid supplies: bandages, anti hemorrhagic medicine like Quikclot and Celox, medical instruments, and a means for survival in extreme conditions 

Please copy and paste this URL to activate.

đź’›Nova Ukraine - Nova Ukraine has an established and proven network of partners on the ground in Ukraine we trust. We are ready to face this extraordinary challenge together. With your help, we will provide humanitarian aid to ordinary people and families with children affected by war in Ukraine.

#NailArtistsStandWithUkraine #WeStandWithUkraine #StopTheWar #IStandWithUkraine #WeStandWithUkraine #IStandWithUkraine #NailArtistsStandWithUkraine #StandWithUkraine #SunflowersForPeace #NailArtistsForUkraine #NailArtistsSayNoToWar


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