Thursday 24 February 2022

Polish Pickup UK Manicure

Hey Friends

Today on the blog I'm sharing a gorgeous polish from January 2022 Polish Pickup UK.

I dont buy a lot from Polish Pickup as a lot of polishes are in finishes I'm not a fan of, like glitters, if I really like the colour story of the glitters I will grab one and the new craze on reflective glitters is not my thing because they are extremely textured being glitter and difficult to remove. So I purchased only 2 polishes from January.

You've already seen Dried Roses from Fancy Gloss, now we have Indie by Patty Lopes and Purple Beauty, a gorgeous purple multi-chrome. You can see in the pics the green and blue colours coming through, I could also see pink and a gold. I did 3 coats but I totally could have stopped at 2, great formula, no running or pooling.

I then stamped with a bunch of Virago Varnish using Whats Up Nails plate B044 and Dixie Plates Butterflies and Bees, I then used Barry M Plumpy and Matte topcoats. I really wish Virago Varnish still made polish, the creams are brilliant for stamping and when worn are almost all one coaters.

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