Monday 3 January 2022

Weekend Mani plus Ugly Bottle Syndrome

Hey Friends

Recently I bought 65, yes 65 stamping plates in a destash, they were pretty much all brands I didnt own and I took a punt, there was one single dupe in the whole lot a Moyou plate called Animal Collection 01 which is pretty good going.

Within the 65 were two plastic plates, now I'd heard of plastic plates but never purchased any, I think both of these are Ali Express. So over the weekend I thought I'd test one of them out.

I went for something entirely not seasonal too lol 

On a side note because I'm going to show you the bottles, do not panic if your polish has sat for a while and it separates, as below my PoP Polish bottles which are the pastel collection turned into their own mini ombre, side note I do not support this brand anymore but I will use what I already own, their ethics are not something I support. So with a good shake the polish inside is totally fine but bottles I'm afraid will not change because the polish adheres to the sides, which is why its know as Ugly Bottle Syndrome. I own nail polish from the 80s and its still totally usable, as long as the lid is tight it can last decades.

Base was two coats of PoP Polish Sorbet then I stamped with Fancy Gloss Neon Pink, I added a glossy topcoat then decided I really do prefer matte for any stamping as it means you see the design well you do if your camera doesnt have a freak out at the neon colour and refuse to focus on it! The pic of just the base colour was only one coat at that point.

Most brands can or will separate, Virago Varnish does it a lot as do a few of my Zoya.

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