Monday 8 November 2021

Rose Palette Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

 Hey Friends

Today I'm sharing my comparisons for the Rose Palette, I only managed to get these on Thursday, I ordered as soon as they were in stock on Nail Polish Direct.

This set consists of 5 polishes that are in the pink/red family, their names are as follows:-


These all had perfect formula, no running or pooling while painting the swatch sticks and all were opaque in two coats. They all also stamp too.

As with all my comparisons, the new polish is always first left and the photos are taken in day, it was very over cast on Saturday when the photos were taken, I do not colour adjust my photos either, if something doesnt photograph correctly I will point it out. What I will say about these polishes is that they all have different tones and undertones. Now enough waffling, lets see some pics!

First off the stamping test, top row is the Rose Palette, bottom row is the Sunset Palette, I'll be doing a separate blog post for the Sunset Palette.

L to R Palmer, Sweet, Tweedy and Shelby, no dupes, Palmer has the peachy undertone like Sweet but is deeper in tone.

L to R Marcia, Cory, Natalie and Lana, no dupes, Marcia has such an interesting undertone, Lana on the end is an orange polish, Cory and Natalie are browns, so you can see that orange undertone in Marica but theres also a pink element to her.

L to R Maggie, Monroe and Dawn, this one was tricky, no dupes, Maggie has a hint of purple or blue, Monroe and Dawn are pinks with red undertones.

L to R Rochelle, Pepper and Lisa, no dupes Rochelle is a slightly lighter version of Pepper, the difference was more apparent in real life.

L to R Suzie, Paris (the original ZP391) and Cola, this is the closest to a dupe I found, however, Paris is a discontinued polish so if you dont own it, grab Suzie, she reminds me of chocolate covered cherries.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my comparisons, did I miss a Zoya out that you think might be closer? let me know in the comments and I'll see if I own it and compare them.

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