Wednesday 20 October 2021

A fail and a win, using Zoyas.

 Hey Friends

Today on the blog I share a fail and a win.

The fail is the first set of pics, nothing was wrong with the polishes it was just me being a clutz and dinging them jst as they dried. 

Base was two coats of Zoya Mara a gorgeous nude that had a great formula, no running or pooling. This is almost my perfect mannequin hand colour, I then added a coat of Zoya Lottie on my middle fingers, Fancy Gloss Fire Opal on my index finger and Starrily Unicorn on my little fingers, then it all went wrong as the polish wasnt dry and chaos! dented polish agh.

I had better luck with the next manicure, thankfully!

Base is one sweet coat of Zoya Val, perfect formula, no running or pooling, I then stamped a blood moon using Zoya Soko and Mila, the wolf used Virago Varnish Bountiful Beige and Revlon Stiletto, the stars are Virago Varnish Mano Madness, plates were B Loves Plates N13 Cosmic Space and Born Pretty BP-16.

Last pic is me tempting fate lol, this is the longest my nails have been in quite a while, so I decided to take a pic because as sure as the sun rises I'm gonna break one soon.

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