Monday 27 September 2021

Zoya Nostalgic Swatch and Bottle Comparisons - Fall/Autumn 2021

 Hey Friends

Today on the blog I have swatch and bottle comparisons of the Nostalgic collection for you.

This is a six piece collection for fall/autumn 2021.

As is usual the new polish is the first left and pics were taken in natural daylight.

These are gorgeous, great formula, they were all one coaters and they stamp very well.

Left to right we have 
Vivi, Flora, Mara and Zanna. no dupes, Vivi has a much pinker undertone than the others.

Left to right the new Vivi compared to the original Vivi, theyre totally different and of course the original Vivi is discontinued.

Left to right Rumi, Charity and Fawne, no dupes, Rumi is deeper in tone and is a cream compared to Charity and Fawne who have shimmer. Fawne is also discontinued.

Left to right are Mila, Courtney, Rachael and the other Milla with two ells, no dupes, Mila has a brown undertone. Milla is discontinued. Courtney is a crelly like formula so its a solid two if not three coater.

Left to right Becca, Leighton and Sloane, this is quite difficult to see but they arnt dupes, Leighton has a black undertone, Becca has a blue undertone and Sloane a red undertone, plus Leighton only looks purple in bright light.

Left to right Austin, Darby and Tommy, no dupes, this is one of Zoya's chameleon colours, by itself it looks blue but hold it beside Tommy and it looks grey, Darby has that blue shimmer.

Left to right, Cooper, Charli and Dree, no dupes, Cooper doesnt have the brown undertone of Charli or the yellow of Dree.

The stamping test of them all.

The Zoya wall, I think I'm going to have to put the top row into a helmer drawer, I'm running our of room again. Also once I've completed the purples I think I'll do swatch reviews for all of the new polishes from last year and this year before I move on to the blues and greens, I've been playing with so many other polishes at the weekends I have a lot of untried Zoya's.


  1. This collection is good, no browns haha! :-D

    That is some collection, impressive :-D That will be cool to see your new polishes.

    1. I dont mind browns, the last couple Zoya did were metallic or shimmers :)