Friday 2 July 2021

Zoya Easy Neons Swatches and Comparisons.

Hey Friends 

Today I finally share my swatches of the Easy Neons, I know they're late but better late than never right.

The Easy Neons are a six piece set that came with Z Wide brushes and white caps, I switched out the white caps because they would look very odd on my Zoya wall.

The six are called Oakley, Zelda, Janie, Banks, Echo and Link.

For the swatches I did one coat of Zoya Jack a nude on my index and middle fingers to see if that helped with blurring the visible nail line and I think it has worked as I only did two coats for everything on my index and middle fingers but three on my ring and pinkie fingers.

I only have a few Zoya neons because firstly they dont do neons a lot and second because the Ultra Brites were frankly awful and I only picked up Cana in a destash.

Swatch pics after the comparison part.

First up is 

Left to right Oakley and Paz
No dupes, Paz is much deeper in colour than Oakley

Left to right Janie, Zelda, Ali and Cana
No dupes, all different tones of pink and Cana is much more sheer than Ali.

Left to right Banks and Skipper
No dupes, Banks is much deeper in tone than Skipper

Left to right Echo, Oceane and Mateo
No dupes, Echo is much lighter and brighter than Mateo, Oceane is a different finish.

Left to right Link and Tangy
No dupes, Link is way brighter and zingier than Tangy.

Now for the swatches, index and middle finger have one coat of Jack then two coats of a neon, ring and little finger have three coats of neon, no topcoat used.

Left is Zelda and right is Oakley.

Below is Banks who I had a bit of trouble with, I had a bald spot and went back to go over the nail again, and it dragged the polish off as you can see and the polish is still wet in this picture.

Left is Banks and right is Janie.

Left is Link and right is Echo. I definitely think I'll wear a coat of nude to minimise visible nail line.


  1. Shame about Banks! I actually really like them solo. They are very bold :-D

    1. Thanks, yeah it was my own fault, I'd watched several swatch videos and a couple did say Banks can drag itself off, lesson learned though!

  2. I believe this is a good product.

    greetings from Indonesia
    I follow your blog

    1. Hi, thank you so much :) I do love the colours :)