Friday 18 September 2020

Weekend Mani

 Hey there

Oh an extra post! 

When I'm not wearing the last Zoya polish, I like to wear something bright and this weekend is no exception, I decided to try out my new Fancy Gloss neons and yip they are definite neon and bright!

This is two coats of Neon Yellow, without my LED light on, I just had my little LED strip on. I used Neon Pink and Neon Blue to stamp with, dont look too closely I was struggling to see pink polish on a pink stamper! 


  1. Fab absolutely fab! I love these bold neons :-D

    Hope you have a nice one :-D

    1. Its going to be a very chilled weekend after walking 25,000 steps yesterday! definitely deserved the chinese we got :)

    2. Not been too bad up here. Wow 25k impressive. I try to hit betweek 15-20k a day. Got just over 15k today and some lovely photos :-D

    3. Wow nice, I usually manage between 10K and 12K maybe 15K on a good day. do you have an instagram account? where do you post your pics?

    4. No I don't have any social media whatsoever - just my blogs and my own site. I don't post any on my 2 nail polish blogs, as they are only for nail polishes and always stuck to that - they are like my encyclopedia of nail polish - if that makes sense?

      I did start another account fairly recently and has some photos from my walks and other outings:

      There is also a few photos of my Bengal. I will be posting photos of the white cats soon too! I don't really post them online, but with the new site, I am enjoying posting one a day. And don't take as much editing or watermarking as the nail ones haha!!!!

    5. Have followed your blogs, why did I not think of that before? I'm an eejit!

    6. Thanks. I don't often post Zoyas, but you can check Posh Polishes under the Zoya label and see what I've posted so far haha! Might dig one out in the next few days. I try to alternate the polishes for each blog so I'll always have something to post kinda thing! Got way more Economy nail polishes than Posh lol but that is to be expected ;-)

    7. I bought so many Zoya from TNBL when they had a crazy sale on and they were 4.25 a bottle. I got a lot of Sally Hansen and Sinful Colours when Poundland were doing the polishes for a quid each.